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When armageddon in the UK strikes zombies always suffer at the hands of man

Well this must stop

Zombies get a bad press

Neilonian the ancient mythycal zombie warrior god

This is a picture of Neilonion the ancient mythycal zombie warrior god revered and worshiped by all zombies.

Legend has it Neilonion led a great zombie army to the city of Birmingham shortly after Armageddon where zombies were suffering insurmountable amounts of abuse by humans and liberated the zombies from this evil destroying the cruel human civilisation that resided in Birmingham at that time

Let that be a warning to all humans who wish to show cruelty to zombies

The only thing I can't understand is how on earth he found his way around Spaghetti Junction and onto the A38 to find Birmingham city centre I never could

Sadly although the battle of Birmingham was a great victory for zombies Nielonion's right hand man Omarcles pictured below was cornered by a group of vicious zombie hating human thugs and murdered in a chip shop in Winson Green

zombie Omarcles

Cruelty to zombies in the UK

Its hard to believe shocking scenes such as this are taking place in the UK.
Oh and by the way by the look of it this chap should be allowed to visit the dentist

If you have any stories of ill treatment and cruelty to zombies email them to me with pictures if you have any but not essential and I will publish them.

Zombie A's Story

Sent in by MR X Shropsire.
Known as Mr X for fear of reprisals from members of one of the numerous zombie torture groups and associations

Lady Zombie with sword in head

Little is known about this female zombie. We will call her Emily, It is believed she was kidnapped from a barn on the outskirts of Bridgenorth where a kindly farmer houses lost and lonely zombies. It is thought she was taken by a ring of hardened Walking Dead Fans.
Mr X found this diabolical photo in woodland near Telford. It was near the remnants of a fire and from what he could see many more photos and video tapes had been destroyed in the fire. He believes it was an attempt to destroy evidence of their disgusting acts of cruelty to Emily.
It is not known what has become of Emily but if the torture rings are true to form she will be dead and probably burried in the same woods as the photo was found

Personally I believe the locals would have thought when the gang were burning the photos it was just some of the many gas and electricity consumers in the area trying to keep warm cheaply because of the sky high utility bills not a zombie torture gang destroying evidence

Zombie B's Story

This Story was sent in to me by Mr H Potter of Alnwick Castle Northumberland.
He tells me there is a certain bar in Morpeth Northumberland where zombies are kept to entertain beasts who enjoy seeing zombies suffer. He also tells me on the first Monday in every month there is a auction where zombies are sold to the highest bidder very often vicious zombie torture groups.

Stop cruelty to zombies Julie the Zombie story horrendous

This photo was believed to have been taken on one of the said Mondays. Again as very often this female zombie, Zombie B is totally unknown lets call her Julie. We think she is been made to look sexy to attract a higher price which of course is disgraceful. We do not know who purchased her or where she was taken her fate is totally unknown.
It is also rumored that not only do the zombie torture gangs who attend these auctions but so do the electricity companies who buy the zombies then transport them to remote parts of Northumberland and force them to produce electricity using pedal power and then tell us its wind power this is worrying if it is true.
Mr Potter also told me his Hog had warts and did I know how to cure this, I did find this odd as it is totally unrelated to zombies but if there are any kindly vets out there who can help with Mr Potters problem please email me

Zombies living normal lives in Britain

Zombie commuters

And for anyone who does not believe zombies can live a normal life doing normal things I caught three Zombies at Manchester Piccadilly Station platform 14 as I was playing around with my phone as I sat on a train waiting to depart for North Wales. This was a Monday morning in July 2013 they all look clean, tidy and one looks like a businessman in a suit and tie.

Ask yourself would you spot a Zombie if you were sat on a train on the same platform waiting to go to Blackpool. I probably wouldn't unless I was playing with my phone.
But this picture proves zombies live a normal and fulfilling life.
I would dare anyone to argue with that

Yet another story of zombies living happily in the UK.

The Graves Family from Braintree Essex

This story was sent in by zombie Michelle Graves of Braintree she wished to demonstrate her family are perfectly decent honest hardworking salt of the earth charecters

Mike and the mechanics mick the zombie mechanic Braintree essex

Meet Mick Graves Michelle's ever loving husband and the greatest dad in the world who works as a mechanic

Zombie Lady Michelle Graves

Then the great lady Michelle herself she has a part time job as a dinner lady at a local school and is a loyal housewife responsible for bringing up two kids

Nathen Graves

The son Nathen doing really well at school. His ambition is to be a top class footballer or failing that to work at the local abattoir

Chelsea the zombie namesake of Bill and Hillary Clinton clintons daughter

The daughter Chelsea a fine and upstanding young lady who wishes to be a ballerina or failing that has strong desires to work in a butchers shop

Knasher the Graves family zombie pet dog Braintree Essex

And finally meet Knasher the family's pet dog. Michelle says the sword in the head was placed there by who she believes is a group of Evil Dead fans from Chelmsford while she was out walking him in the local park. She says she was lucky to escape with hers and knashers life given the hate shown by the gang (why wiil they not leave zombies to get on with their lives ). Anyway shes says look at Knasher despite the horrific cruelty shown by these thugs knasher is still happy and just wants to play

Well cared for and Loved Zombies

Despite shocking stories of cruelty to zombies in the UK there are also tales of great kindness and love shown to them as well which need to be told
If you have any tell email with pictures if you have any but not essential and I will tell your story

Jakes Story

Sent in by Caroline of Slough Berkshire

Jake the Heathrow zombie

Jake came to the UK two years ago from the United States where by all accounts cruelty to zombies has been turned into something of a national sport


For anyone who is still innocent enough not to know this is an American television show that actively promotes cruelty to zombies and personally I think is disgraceful and should be banned

Anyway after a very much tormented life in the United States he saw the British film


and realised zombies were much less tormented in the UK.
He smuggled himself onto a flight to Britain by hiding in the landing gear. He fell out on the runway as the plane landed at Heathrow.

Well this is where Caroline steps in after a hard day plane spotting she spotted Jake wondering aimlessly and lost around the airport perimeter.
Been the kind hearted lady she is she took Jake home and as we can see is living happily and safely in Caroliines house in Slough.
She says the only problem she has is sometimes when he gets hungry he gets a little exciteable but she solves the problem by showing the love heart in the pic we can see and he soon settles down.

Their one other worry was Jake been an ilegal immigrant in the Uk but upon making enquiries at the Home Office was told the best way to avoid extradition was to stand for election and become a Member of Parliament there he would not be noticed as the place is full of zombies.
Jake is still considering this option but is very unsure as he does not want to be considered as a liar or a crook

zombiesupermans Story

A story sent to me by a kindly zombie obviously with no geographical knowledge as there is no location but somewhere in the Uk.
In my experience many zombies have no sense of direction but this is made up for by their sense of smell


That's me , zombiesuperman and I was found by a nice family who took me and made me feel like part of the family , I only eat dog and cat now I'd never eat any of the joneses . 

This is heartwarming straight from the mouth of a zombie.
What more proof does anyone need to show zombies are caring

If you have strong feelings on cruelty to zombies or indeed have any thoughts about them please
me your comments and I will publish them below

Chris in Buxton

Zombies in my book are very nice people and should be protected at all costs, please take note.

I love zombies
Like Zombies
Webmasters Comments

Top Chap
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line
John in Woodseats

Zombies are top folk and let that be a end of it.

I love zombies
Like Zombies
Webmasters Comments

Gentleman with taste
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line
Pete Essex

Zombies got know mannors

I dislike zombies
Dislike Zombies
Webmasters Comments

You cant spell
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line
Janice Peckham

I seen em on telly they scary

I dont know enough about zombies
Not sure about Zombies
Webmasters Comments

Give them a chance they aren't as scary as they look
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line
Ken Oakhampton

Zombies are a dying breed, i should know I'm married to one. Okay there is downsides, rotting flesh, looks etc but i wouldn't have her any other way, personality counts for a hell of a lot in my book. Brilliant site by the way, keep up the good work.

I love zombies
Like Zombies
Webmasters Comments

A true lover of zombies
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line Gwyn Wiliams Carmarthen

Zombies have hobbies they stay in lobbys. Zombies are true they live in a crew and they drink vodka blue. They care they share killing then aint fare cause they are very rare. They like meat so take a seat invite them for dinner cause you are in for a winner.

Cute Zombies

I love zombies
Like Zombies

Webmasters Comments

Emimen would be proud does he love zombies 2 keep up the good work Gwyn you are a fine zombie rapper
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line Stacey from Dover Kent

I hate zombies one ate my horse

I dislike zombies
Dislike Zombies

Webmasters Comments

Hang on you are been totally unfair think about it you are in Dover where lots of ferries arrive from France,the zombie was probably French where eating horses is normal he or she would have known no better, anymore in fainess than loads of tesco's customers.

So think again Stacey from Dover Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line
Stan from Birdwell Barnsley

Knasher the zombie dog is my all time favorite great site, keep up the good work.

I love zombies
Like Zombies

Webmasters Comments

Couldn't meet a nicer guy
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line
Zombie Superman

I love zombies and they love me I'd even feed my family to my fav zombie , Bub . Thanks.

I love zombies
Like Zombies

Webmasters Comments

Thoughtful chap understands the needs of zombies
Cruelty to zombies in the UK separating comments line

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